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Repair Fund & FAQ

How the Program Works

We are pleased to now offer our “Repair Fund” program for our winter snowmobile season.  The program is designed to provide our customers with some peace of mind in the unfortunate event that physical damage occurs to their machines while on tour.

This program is available to all of our customers participating on a Guided Tour.  Each customer who provides a damage deposit must either accept or reject the option of purchasing the program at the time of check-in.

What does the program cover?

  • 100% of physical damage to the covered machine above $750.00 (labor & material)
  • 100% of the cost of retrieval of the machine (if required)

What does the program NOT cover?

  • Medical costs or expenses
  • Liability to any third party
  • The first $750.00 of damage to the snowmobile
  • The waiver only extends to the machine for which the waiver was purchased
  • Trip reimbursement in the event the damage results in a shorter duration or completion of your trip
  • Any other type of expense

How much does it cost?

  • $25 per machine